Skype sex

Live Sex. Sex is what keeps the human race from falling away and disappearing into the ether. But as we have all learned, sex is so much more than a routine practice built for progeny. It’s about experiencing the height of pleasure, wrapping ourselves up in the flesh of another person, feeling our most delicate, sensitive, thin skin parts rubbing, warming and titillating each other. There are very few other genuine experiences in this life that can make our bodies vibrate in unison and release sweet pressure. And that’s all great. But when it comes to live porn chat, it’s about how to translate this experience into the digital realm and keep things turned up and turned on.

Before leaving an online sex chat and moving to the more private confines of sex on Skype, there are a few things that you can throw into your arsenal to keep the flame burning bright.

First things first, set up the perimeter of your play and sex talk. Talk openly and find out what it is that you’re both looking for. Is it something more romantic, slow-starting and gradually exciting or are you both ready to enter the Skype cam sex world and get down to dirty business? Once you know for sure where you’re beginning, it will be much easier to arrive at that slippery, warm and wet finish line and improve your overall sex fun!

You can introduce games to your Skype cyber sex free-for-all, i.e. strip trivia, show-me-yours, show-you-mine are good old stand-bys that will help up the ante. But so far as games go, you should also try playing a game of memory. Test your memory and see if you can recall what your potential partner was chatting about in the public sex chat room. You can apply this to your conversation in a voyeuristic way. “I saw you say you wanted to be dominated…” or “I liked the way you were flirting with RamRod6969…”

For some free adult chat room users, there’s something rather erotic about the idea of being spied on publically. This especially works well for people who are into party sex (aka group sex) or exhibitionism. If you find this to be a successful route, keep working on that end. The web, when it comes to sexy chat, is all about fantasy and exploring these fantasies to the furthest reaches of your imagination.

Another item worth considering when it comes to keeping the sexual fervor burning is to keep it anonymous. Yes, of course in a video chat, your face will probably be visible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep some of your anonymity. Like “Last Tango in Paris,” make it a no-name, no personal info affair. Make it clear that you are only there for one thing and one thing only: to get yourself off and watch them do the same. As a matter of fact, once you’ve found out whether or not your chat partner is into the concept of keeping anonymity as the main event, you might both be into moving the camera to your private bits only. Make sure your mic is able to pick up your voice, but if you can keep face to face interaction limited and find yourself staring into the sweet confines of someone’s rock hard cock and heavy, cum-filled balls or pink, petal-like pussy lips…that’s pretty hot. It keeps it strange, it keeps it erotic and it keeps it tantalizing.

In that same vein, consider keeping an expiration time running on your conversation. It sounds counter to what you may really want, but if you set limitations on how long your chat will last, it forces both parties to up the ante and squeeze in whatever sexy fun they can into that short period of time. You may even want to suggest that there’s an element of danger to your escapade. “My wife is coming home…” or “My husband will be home any moment…” Everybody likes a little risk and it keeps the excitement going for next time too.

Since you are online already, you can also consider something like adding another element to your private chat. Find a sexy video that you love to beat off to and send them the link. Ask them to watch it while you watch their reaction. You might even consider watching it along with them. See how long they can watch without touching themselves. Dare them not to. Whomever the loser ends up being, use your imagination and set a sexy punishment for them. If you have a porno DVD you love, throw it in, turn on television and set your camera up to record you watching it. You can do the same thing with chatting. One of you can stay in the chat room and the other can give orders for what you should say to the room. Keep them in the loop while you tell them what’s happening. The possibilities for sexy results are endless here, especially if you get a hold of someone who loves to take orders.

Just like a relationship in real life, you have to get creative with what you can do together to keep it interesting. But most of all, remember, it’s the virtual world. And yes, the virtual world is crashing into the real one, but you have a lot of security to be an anonymous freak who is into whatever, wherever, whenever. So if you’re paying attention to the person you’ve been after in the chat room, it’s up to you to explore their need and their pleasures. Knowledge is power and when you know what gets them off, it’ll be that much easier to keep the excitement switch turned way, way up.